Graduating Nurse Apprentices from United Regional Health Care System

Nursing Apprentice Program for LVN and RN students

United Regional offers students in their final year of nursing school the opportunity to participate in a Nursing Apprentice Program for LVN and RN qualified candidates. This apprentice program provides valuable hands-on experience along with additional perks. We eagerly anticipate welcoming all of our apprentices into the United Regional family and applaud your commitment to pursuing a career in healthcare.

Participant Benefits:
  • Earn wages while you are in school.
  • Acquire additional clinical training centered on essential skills like time management, prioritization, and critical thinking.
  • Develop meaningful relationships with others in the healthcare field.
  • Enrolled in an accredited LVN or RN program with 12 months to completion.
  • Complete a combined total of 36 clinical hours weekly, which encompasses both school clinicals and additional practical experience.

Applications for the next hiring event will be accepted from April 29 – May 10.
Apprentice applicants will attend a hiring event on May 21, 2024.
Program begins June 17, 2024.

For more information contact, Andrea Anderle at

Nursing Apprentice FAQs

How long is the Nurse Apprentice Program?
All Registered apprentice programs are required to be one year long. For LVN students, it will span the entire length of the program and for RN students it must be the last 12 months of the RN program.

How many hours will I be required to work?
Total hours in the clinical setting must equal 36 hours. This includes any time spent in school clinicals, supplemented by additional clinical training with a hospital preceptor.

Will I be earning wages while completing school clinical hours?
Yes, apprentices are paid during school clinical hours as well as for supplementary hours.

Will I be earning wages when in the classroom at school? 
No, wages are only paid during clinical hours.

Am I obligated to complete all my clinical hours at United Regional?
While we encourage the majority of your clinical hours to be at United Regional, we recognize the necessity of learning in other facilities. We support this and will ensure your wages are paid regardless of the location of your clinical hours.

How much will I be paid?
The hourly wage for nurse apprentices is $19/hour. However, those who are transferring from a position within United Regional making a higher wage will continue to make the same wage once transferring to the Nursing Apprentice Program.

Will my wages remain constant throughout the entire period?
You will be eligible for an increase during the annual evaluation in the spring, and your hourly wage will rise to the RN or LVN entry wage after graduation.

Are benefits included in addition to the wages?
Not as a standard, but if you have a longstanding employment history at United Regional, you might qualify to extend your health benefits. Additionally, you can utilize COBRA to acquire dental and vision insurance.

Which uniform is worn by Nurse Apprentices?
Nurse Apprentices wear their school scrub bottoms paired with a dark grey scrub top or the Nurse Apprentice t-shirt supplied by United Regional.

Where will I be doing my supplemental clinical hours?
For LVN apprentices, the supplemental clinical hours will be completed on Med. Surg. units or in the CarePlus clinic at URPG.
For RN apprentices, the supplemental clinical hours can be completed on Med. Surg., PCU, Intensive Care, Emergency Department, or Women’s & Children’s.

What occurs if I fail a class in school?
To qualify as an apprentice, you must be enrolled in a nursing program. If you are dismissed from the program due to academic challenges, your apprentice position will be forfeited. 

Do I have to sign a contract?
Yes, you are obliged to commit to a three-year term of employment with United Regional upon finishing the Nurse Apprentice program.

Following the completion of the LVN Nursing Apprentice Program, must I work as an LVN for three years, or can I pursue further education and work the remaining contract period as an RN immediately?

We promote your educational growth and encourage you to progress to an RN as soon as possible. Therefore, there is no obligation to remain an LVN for three years.

When does the program begin?
For LVN students, the program starts at the beginning of the college program, either in January or August.
For RN students, the program starts 12 months prior to your anticipated graduation date.

The Nursing Apprentice Program is a collaboration between:
Texas Workforce Solutions
The Department of Labor Vernon College
United Regional Health Care System