Improving our Community’s Health through Intervention and Prevention

United Regional’s innovative initiative –  to create an environment that reaches beyond the walls of the hospital and clinics, and into the community, providing care and services to some of the most vulnerable populations – has proven to be very successful, serving thousands of local individuals since its inception.

Medication assistance, food security, transportation services, and alignment with appropriate community services have been identified as a starting place to begin to address the social determinants of health.

The Transition Clinic at United Regional

was developed as a primary intervention/prevention service to help with the overall wellness of our community.

  • The Transition Clinic is made up of nurses, educators, a physician and social workers – helping to identify patients’ needs and align them with services to improve access to the right care at the right time.
  • Staff makes arrangements for patients – many of whom make choices between having food to eat or the medication they need – based upon their individual needs for ongoing care, preventative services and wellness services.
  • Our staff works with various community partners, who offer additional resources such as housing/utility assistance, job/technical training, home health services, wound care services, infusion services and mental health/behavioral health referrals.

The Community Care Fund helps patients at the Transition Clinic with:

  • Diabetic supply kits – Provides uninsured patient with insulin, syringes and testing supplies for 60 days.
  • Food box program – Provides patients who frequently experience difficulty accessing the food necessary to maintain health and general well-being.  United Regional has partnered with the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank to provide heart-healthy food boxes.
  • Nebulizers –  turn medication in to a mist that can be inhaled to treat lung diseases that make it very difficult to breathe.
  • Medication assistance – United Regional and Guffey’s Pharmacy have partnered to provide medication necessary to maintain health and manage chronic illnesses.
  • Transportation assistance – This program provides transportation for uninsured patients to obtain medical care and prescriptions.
  • Hygiene kits – Provide basic items necessary to maintain good hygiene, thus preventing illness and infections from viruses and bacteria.

Federal regulations prohibit use of hospital funds for the provision of these supplies and services to Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare patients. Therefore, donations made to the Community Care Fund help ensure these supplies and services to ALL patients in need.

The Community Care Fund provides certain, specific supplies and services for patients in order for them to improve their ongoing health and often avoid returning to the hospital.  Transition Clinic patients come from hospital discharges and community health screening services. Donations received through the Community Care Fund help ensure ALL patients get these much needed  – and often life giving – supplies and services.

United Regional is committed to helping our community move toward greater health. We would be honored to have your support. All gifts to the Community Care Fund help individuals in need with few or no other options.

The Transition Clinic is Located at:
1301 3rd St Ste 200, Wichita Falls, TX 76301