United Regional Health Care System adds new Philips Elition 3.0T MRI system

Has your doctor recommended that you get an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) exam? Or are you simply curious about this safe imaging test? United Regional has added the Philips Elition 3.0T. This system delivers superb image resolution, fast exams, and a more open patient experience.

With a wide opening, it is much less confining than other MRI systems and more comfortable for patients. Our new MRI system is not only minimally invasive, it’s minimally intimidating. It was designed for patient comfort and to help patients relax.

• It’s fast. Our Elition 3.0T can scan patients of varying size, age and medical conditions. Scans generally last 25 to 30 minutes.
• It’s comfortable. Our revolutionary new Philips Elition 3.0T has a wide opening designed to make you feel less confined.
• It’s reliable. The Philips Elition 3.0T delivers the revealing images your doctor needs to help diagnose your medical condition correctly. This makes it easier for your doctor to identify and pinpoint any potential problems resulting in more reliable exams.
• The right choice for imaging. Philips Elition 3.0T is one more reason to ask your doctor about scheduling your next diagnostic imaging exam at United Regional. To learn more about our wide range of diagnostic and interventional imaging services, click here.

If your doctor has referred you to get an MRI, please call 940-764-5050 to schedule an appointment.