In delicate brain surgery, surgeons rely on advanced magnification and visual clarity to enhance their skill. In 2011, we acquired the Zeiss OPMI Pentero neurosurgical microscope, which provides surgeons with clearer and more powerful magnification, as well as inter-operative diagnostics and support of fluorescence-based procedures such as tumor removal and resections. With these capabilities, neurosurgeons can easily distinguish between the cancerous tumor and healthy tissue.

Advanced technological features provide the surgeon with:

  • Crystal clear images with natural colors
  • Spot illumination for higher contrast images in narrow and deep vessels
  • High-speed auto-focus which delivers razor-sharp images
  • Freedom of hand and instrument movement, with a short distance to the surgical field
  • Video touchscreen with instantaneous access during surgery to important information such as patient files
  • Technology to superimpose color data and combine diagnostic, navigation and system information while viewing the operating field
  • Integration with the hospital network with access to pre-op findings and data from the operation