portrait of a middle aged white woman with red hair, sitting in front of a gray background

Sara Clark, Pharm D, BCSCP

Clinical Pharmacist

United Regional Health Care System
1600 11th Street
Wichita Falls, TX 76301

  • Trauma
  • Post-op
  • Infusion


Contact: SClark@unitedregional.org

Dr. Sara Clark is a highly knowledgeable clinical pharmacist at United Regional Health Care System. Having graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 2005, Dr. Clark remains committed to delivering high-quality care to patients across diverse practice settings. Dr. Clark began her career in community pharmacy. In 2006, she joined the team at United Regional Health Care System, where she developed expertise and proficiency in delivering pharmaceutical care across various domains, including critical care, internal medicine, oncology, outpatient infusion, and trauma services. Beyond delivering direct patient care, Dr. Clark has demonstrated her commitment and passion for medication safety through active engagement in noteworthy organizational initiatives. This encompasses her involvement in projects such as the implementation of IV pump and compounding technology, as well as her contributions to the development and improvement of the electronic health record system—a vital component for facilitating patient care. Through her involvement with these impactful initiatives, Dr. Clark developed mastery surrounding sterile compounding by acquiring her Board Certification in Sterile Compounding in 2020. Aside from her professional life, Dr. Clark thoroughly enjoys cheering for her kids at their sporting events, baking delicious goods, creating through crafting, and getting lost in a good book.