Portrait of a young black man sitting in front of a gray background

Nyema Elliott, Pharm D

Clinical Pharmacist

United Regional Health Care System
1600 11th Street
Wichita Falls, TX 76301

  • Internal Medicine


Contact: JElliott@unitedregional.org

Dr. Nyema Elliott is a self-directed and motivated clinical pharmacist at United Regional Health Care System. Dr. Elliott earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 2016. A native of Oklahoma City, he relocated to Texas after graduation and began his career at Wise Health System, working in the medical and surgical units to enhance pharmaceutical care by effectively collaborating with various disciplines. In 2022, Dr. Elliott broadened his scope of practice as he joined United Regional. Dr. Elliott continues to provide high levels of clinical service to patients needing chemotherapy, outpatient infusions, and emergency medicine services. Dr. Elliott thrives in internal medicine and continues to seek opportunities to positively contribute to patient outcomes and treatment teams. Outside of his passion for pharmacy, Dr. Elliott enjoys quality time with his family, exploring the world through travel, and maintaining his health through frequent exercise.