Understanding Your Health Information

Each time you visit a hospital, physician, or other healthcare provider, a record of your visit is made in order to manage the care you receive, and to comply with certain legal requirements. United Regional Health Care System understands that the medical information that is recorded about you and your health is personal. The confidentiality of your health information is also protected under both state and federal law.

Who will follow URHCS Notice of Privacy Practices:

  • Any health care professional authorized to enter information into your hospital chart including physicians and other allied health professionals involved in your hospital based care. (Note: Your personal doctor may have different policies or notices regarding the doctor’s use and disclosure of your medical information created in the doctor’s office or clinic.)
  • All departments and units of URHCS
  • Any member of a volunteer group we allow to help you while you are in the hospital
  • All employees, staff, and other hospital personnel

Click to download printable Adobe PDFs of our Corporate Compliance Plan, Notice of Privacy Practices and Notice of Privacy Practices in Spanish.