Prior to entering the job search, you must read and accept the following United Regional Pledge of Excellence. After you review this information, click I Accept at the bottom of the page and you will be directed to My Job Finder.

Pledge of Excellence

Our Pledge of Excellence is the foundation on which our culture is built. Our Standards of Behavior will be known, owned and energized by all current and prospective employees.

Please review the Pledge and the following Standards of Behavior before continuing on to the application process.

The Pledge:

As a prospective employee of United Regional, I understand the need to embrace United Regional’s passion to provide excellence in health care for the communities they serve and their purpose to make a positive difference in the lives of others. The United Regional Family adheres to the five pillars of excellence: People, Service, Quality, Finance and Growth, and they base their Standards of Behavior and their Pledge of Excellence on these pillars. By making these pillars a part of their culture, United Regional’s employees and medical staff are working together to achieve excellence in health care for the communities they serve.



A cknowledge the patient

ntroduce yourself and your skills

D uration…describe the test, length of the test, and how long until results are available

E xplanation…explain the tests, the pain involved and what happens next

hank You…say “Thank you for choosing United Regional”


  • Introduce yourself, welcome everyone in a friendly manner, and maintain eye contact.
  • Smile warmly, treat all customers with dignity and respect, be warm and caring.
  • Live by the “Golden Rule,” treat others as you would have them treat you.

Commitment to Co-Workers

  • Make your co-workers look good, not chastising each other in front of staff, patients or visitors.
  • Set aside personal differences when working with each other and other departments.
  • Work together, ask for help when needed, use words like, “Can I help? I have the time.”
  • Welcome new employees.
  • Hold each other accountable for upholding our standards of behavior.
  • Thank co-workers for teamwork.


  • Your personal appearance should reflect our commitment to excellence and leave a lasting impression.
  • Proudly wear your name badge on your upper body so your name and department are clearly visible at all times.
  • Maintain a well-groomed appearance consistent with departmental and organizational policy.
  • Present a positive image of United Regional through professional appearance. Adhere to the organizations dress code policy and understand the rules regarding tattoos and body piercings.

Values — Respect, Compassion and Courtesy

  • Value diversity of opinion.
  • Provide extra comfort and reassurance.
  • Be considerate, thoughtful and compassionate.
  • Build into conversations words like, “I have the time” “I’d be happy to” “Yes Sir / Yes Ma’am” and “My Pleasure.”

Service — Sensitivity to Customer Waiting

  • Respond to concerns and complaints.
  • Inform patients of schedule changes and delays, continue to update every 15 minutes.
  • Apologize for any inconveniences to the customer.
  • Make customers comfortable while they are waiting; offer refreshments, reading material, etc.
  • Include patients in decisions regarding their care, ask if they have questions.

Call Lights

  • Respond to patient’s call within five minutes.
  • Address patient by title and last name.
  • Do not pass a flashing light.
  • Meet the request of patients if caregiver is busy.
  • Reduce a patient’s need to press the call button by saying, “Is there anything else I can get or do for you? I have the time.”

Elevator, Telephone and Hallway Etiquette

  • Allow visitors and patients to take the elevator if it is too full for everyone.
  • Hold the “open” button to make room for others.
  • Make sure conversations are appropriate for visitors and patients to hear.
  • Smile before picking up the phone, it will shine through your voice.
  • Answer the telephone before the third ring.
  • Give your name and department when answering the phone.
  • Meet customer’s needs immediately or escort them to someone who can help them properly.
  • Be prepared with all pertinent information when calling physicians.

Quality — Safety Awareness

  • Keep your work area neat, clean and safe, do not eat at nursing stations or anywhere customers are served.
  • Report and/or correct safety hazards as appropriate.
  • Be aware of potential chemical hazards.
  • Use all machinery and equipment appropriately.
  • Use protective equipment and clothing as required.
  • Be prepared for emergencies, knowing the correct action to take for codes.
  • Prevent slips, trips and falls; report all accidents or incidents promptly and completely.


  • Draw curtains for any procedure.
  • Knock before entering.
  • Cover patient with a robe, provide sheets/ blanket.
  • When performing these acts, explain that these things are being done to protect their privacy.
  • Do not discuss patient care where others can hear.

Finance — Sense of Ownership

  • Look beyond your assigned task, be flexible, help out co-workers when needed…excellent service is everyone’s job.
  • Take care of equipment as if it were your own.
  • Take pride in United Regional, your work, and yourself. Be the owner!


  • Work efficiently and skillfully each day…know your job and take pride in your hard work! Strive to do it right the first time.
  • Arrive to work on time and when scheduled…your co–workers are depending on you.
  • Attend department meetings, employee forums, and educational in–services as scheduled.

Manage Costs

  • Eliminate waste, capture all appropriate supply charges, come to work as scheduled and use supplies efficiently. Everyone can make a difference!

Growth — Support United Regional

  • We are the reputation of United Regional so promote a positive image at all times.

Parking and Construction

  • Inform patients of the Valet Service.
  • Use designated employee parking areas only.
  • Allow patients, customers and medical staff to park close to the entrance.
  • Stop and allow customers to cross the street.
  • Make sure customers are comfortable in areas undergoing construction…Be sensitive to inconveniences.