United Regional strives to provide excellence in health care, not only while the patient is hospitalized, but also after the patient has been discharged to his/her home or transitioned to another facility. Coordination is critical to ensure the patient has the services, equipment and other necessities for appropriate care.

Brought on by these considerations, an initial meeting of six people in 2012 has expanded to a network of over 90 community partners.

The ever-growing network includes representatives from regional nursing homes, home health agencies, hospice, hospitals, local non-profits and community-based organizations. Educational sessions are coordinated and to provide orientation to new programs, topics and resources occurring within the community.

United Regional employees and other health care organizations work together to accomplish goals such as:

  • Identifying high-risk patients and creating smooth transitions in care
  • Increasing health care providers’ knowledge of patient and organizational needs, as well as resources available
  • Decreasing 30-day readmissions
  • Improving patient perception of care

This is yet another example of, and a testament to, United Regional making a positive difference in the lives of others – and providing excellence in health care for the communities we serve.

Community Resources

For more information, please contact Emily Payne, Director of Community Health by email at EPayne@unitedregional.org

Facility Scorecards

Facility scorecards are a tool provided to patients/families regarding public information about post-acute care providers.

They provide patients/family data to make an informed decision about their choice of health care after hospitalization.

Home Health Agency Scorecards

HH WF Area 1.2024 = Area Home Health Agencies
HH WF Proper 1.2024= Wichita Falls Home Health Agencies

Skilled Facility Scorecards

SNF WF Area 1.2024 = Area Skilled Nursing Facilities
SNF WF Proper 1.2024 = Wichita Falls Skilled Nursing Facilities

Swing Bed Facilities

Swing Bed Choice List 10.23

Transition Clinic Referral Form

References & Resources

Teach Back
Safety Zone Cards